On this website you will find all the information to learn Dutch online, read & write as well as Dutch grammar exercises and information about the Dutch culture and people. Any information offered here is free except for the tutor lessons as offered. Often you will be directed to other interesting pages where you can find more information about learning Dutch. 

This website is designed for learners of all levels in mind. So whether you have little or no language learning experience at all, I can help you communicate in practical situations you will encounter if you go to the Netherlands or Dutch speaking part of Belgium. With me as your tutor, you will obtain a thorough grounding in a number of basic language structures, whilst at the same time know how to apply these to a broad range of topics and situations. Learning Dutch isn't about knowing the grammar rules only. It's important that you learn to speak and write Dutch as good as possible and you should be ready to make mistakes, because mistakes is what we learn from. Grammar rules can help you with that but it's more about applying it, doing it. That's why we'll focus alot on practicing.
Grammar does make the consistence of phrases and words visible though.

Dutch is a Germanic language. Learning to speak Dutch flawlessly is certainly not an easy task! Usually it takes quite a while to master Dutch.

You might think that learning Dutch online is difficult and not for everyone. As for every language self-discipline is a must but having the help of a Dutch language partner or tutor is essential as well. After all, just an online e-Learning program, does not correct any erroneous pronunciation of Dutch. According to the designer of the most famous online E-learning program the probability of success increases substantially if you have a Dutch tutor who supports and guides the foreign partner  (possibly via speech software like Skype).

My range of Dutch language courses as a second language are very extensive. I offer general courses aimed at beginners who want to learn Dutch online with little to no experience at all, as well as for intermediate students to advanced.

How will this benefit you?

  • With my methods you will have plenty of opportunity to learn the language in your own interactive and playful way.
  • This is done using a modern and reliable teaching method.
  • During the lessons I will devote extensive attention to speaking and listening skills.
  • But also introductions to more basic grammar patterns will have a focus.
  • By the end of a course done with me you will have acquired enough language to have conversations in several situations as well as giving your opinion on all kinds of  topics.
  • You will also be able to read and write texts on a good level.

I look forward in tutoring you.

Dank je wel