How To Learn Dutch Vocabulary

Studying new Dutch words can be a complicated task, especially if you've never learned another language before. For most people they come up with their own tactics in learning new vocabulary. For example recording and putting it in Anki and listening to it on the way to work or college or while doing house work. Others like to write new words on yellow sticky's and place them for example on the fridge or another spot where you will see them often. What I do recommend is that you make your own list of words which you learned on the way. The benefit of making your own vocabulary list is that you can place words you learned in an order making it harder for you to forget.
You can arrange words for example based on subjec topics or grammatically such as nouns, adjectives, verbs.
Just make sure it's logic to you. When placing a word on your list make sure to add 1 or 2 example sentences. This way you will learn at the same time the context of words, how they're used.
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Another way of learning words is by using your imagination so you can make it fun yourself!

For example: you have to learn the word (de) 'bloem'.  You can just learn that bloem means flower but you might forget it again. But when you try to imagine a beautiful flower when hearing or reading the word bloem it's like you're making a beautiful movie with sound, because you recite the word out loud as well.
So basically learning vocabulary is thinking of the actual objects that the words represent and at the same time
saying those words aloud.

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Use your senses when learning Dutch vocabulary

Say the word aloud.

  • Got a feeling in one word?
  • Can you think of any color there?
  • Does it have a particular scent?
  • Write the word with your finger in the air.
  • Are you trying to shape an image of the word?